DNA Day 2015 Webinar Registration is now OPEN!

The Center for Jewish Genetics’ DNA Day 2015 webinar, “The Importance of Online Family Health History Tools in Your Practice” is now OPEN for registration!


The webinar will be held on April 21st at 12:00 p.m. and will be offered for 1.0 Nursing Contact Hours.


Feel free to contact me (CarolineHall@juf.org) for more information!

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When should you see a genetic counselor based on your family health history?

You should consider seeing a Genetic Counselor if you have a family history of:

1. A known genetic disorder. Examples include: cystic fibrosis, hereditary cancer, and or Tay-Sachs in a family member.

2. A known genetic mutation. For example, an identified breast cancer mutation such as BRCA1 or BRCA2, or an identified mutation for Cystic Fibrosis.

3. Health conditions that are present in more than one family member. For example, colon cancer or rare diseases in more than one relative.

3. Health problems that occur at an earlier than expected age. For example, cancer before the age of 50 in any relative.

4. Sudden cardiac death in a person who otherwise seemed healthy.

5. Diseases in paired organs. For example, diseases that affect both eyes, or a disease that affects both lungs.

6. Birth defects, growth or development problems, pregnancy concerns. For example, congenital heart defects, cleft palate, dysmorphic features in a newborn, or delays in speech or school.

7. Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. If there is a family history of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, couples should seek genetic counseling prior to pregnancy to consider carrier screening.

8. Couples who are related by blood.

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Holiday Booklets for Collecting Your Family Health History

This holiday season, give the give of family health history! Order these booklets below to share with your family and help to gather your family health history. Your family health history is an essential tool for prevention and treatment of genetic disorders.

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The Importance of Collecting Family Health History this Holiday Season

The holiday season is one of the best opportunitites to collect your family’s health history. Check out this video to better understand the importance of collecting and sharing your family health history:

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As the holiday season approaches…

As the holiday season with your family approaches, be sure to use this e-card to get the conversation going about your family health history!http://t.cdc.gov/ecards/message.aspx?cardid=526

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This Thanksgiving, give the gift of Family Health History!

Family holidays provide wonderful opportunities to collect your family health history. Check out the link below to share free family health history pamphlets by sending to your family or by ordering for your own use.

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Newborn Screening: The Importance of Baby’s First Test

The importance of newborn screening for genetic diseases is unquestionable, however it is natural to have questions regarding these tests on your baby. This short video helps to explain what to expect during a newborn’s screening. It will help walk parents-to-be through the heel stick, hearing, and pulse ox screenings.
Check it out!

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